Symposium Submissions

Symposiums are thematically organized sessions that will be held during the conference.


Call for abstracts open October 2, 2023 – January 10, 2024

Submission guidelines & general information

Symposium sessions will include presentations by 3 (minimum) or 4 (maximum) individual speakers that offer insightful perspectives on a specific topic or theme, followed by a moderated, interactive exchange with the audience.

To submit a proposal, please read and adhere to the submission guidelines below:

  1. Include an overall title for your submission
  2. Enter up to 3 (three) key words for your symposium
  3. Provide an abstract for your proposed symposium (2200 character limit)
  4. Include the names, affiliations, and email addresses of all proposed presenters and chairs
  5. Complete the conflict of interest declaration question

Editing your submission:
Please note that once you officially submit your abstract you can no longer make any edits. It is therefore advised that you save your abstract in a draft format until you are confident that all amendments / changes have been carried out.

Please note: All symposiums are selected by the Program Committee with priority given to: Topics that address novel or contentious issues; Include a diverse range of speakers that bring unique approaches or perspectives to the topic; Encourage in-depth discussion and debate between presenters and the audience. Student-led symposiums are also encouraged.

Submission tool instructions

Please note: you must create an account before logging into the system to submit. If you already have an account (this is possible if you are associated with other Podium run societies), you will be prompted to login or reset your password.